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School of Psychological Sciences Clinical Psychology Doctorate (PsyD)

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Preparation for licensure

Accredited by the American Psychological Association, our PsyD program attracts students from around the country who achieve exceptional pass rates on the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology.

Clinical training tailored to your interests

UIndy provides advanced clinical training at more than 40 affiliated, high-quality practicum sites and in 75+ placements. Through at least two years of clinical training, we work hard to place you in settings that match your primary professional interests. Diverse settings include VA medical centers, university counseling centers, psychiatric hospitals, CMHCs, hospital systems, residential facilities, correctional facilities, and specialized facilities for domestic violence, addictions and eating disorders. Learn more about clinical training/practium experiences ►

Three concentration areas

Advance your clinical expertise as a skilled practitioner in one of three concentrations: health psychology & behavioral medicine, childhood & adolescent psychology, or adult psychopathology & psychotherapy. To earn your chosen concentration, you'll complete nine credit hours of specialized courses in your third year of study.