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At a Glance

The BUILD Program

UIndy students with learning-related disabilities can find full support in earning an associate's or bachelor's degree through the BUILD program, Baccalaureate for University of Indianapolis Learning Disabled.

While all UIndy students with learning disabilities have reasonable accommodations available to them at no additional charge through the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, the BUILD program offers accommodations that are significantly more profound.

UIndy established the BUILD program in 1990 as a full support program for students with learning-related disabilities. In addition, UIndy's caring, dedicated professors, low student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes provide personal attention to BUILD students in a nurturing environment.

Who enrolls in the BUILD program?

The full-support program was established to help college students with learning-related disabilities earn a degree. BUILD students include those who:

  • are diagnosed with a disability such as a specific learning disability, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mental health issues or autism spectrum disorder
  • are able to meet University admission criteria
  • have higher-education abilities


  • One-on-one scheduled tutoring
  • Walk-in tutoring
  • Proficiency-level math and English courses
  • Specialized study skills course
  • Select general education courses designed for BUILD students that meet core requirements
  • Autism social skills group and activities
  • Adapted test-taking accommodations
  • Testing Center
  • Private study area
  • Advice with course selection and career planning
  • Access to computers, assistive technology and books in alternative format

All BUILD tutors have earned a bachelor's degree or higher, and all have training in working with students who have learning-related disabilities. Presently, BUILD has 17 tutors who are knowledgeable in study skills and basic liberal arts courses. Occasionally, specialized tutoring is available for various math, history and business courses.

For more information on the services provided by BUILD, call 317-788-3536.


A unique, cooperative community

All students and staff of the BUILD program are members of a unique educational community whose goal is to access each student's potential for success. Such a goal requires tremendous individual and cooperative effort on the part of each member of this community. The basic tenets of this collaboration include:

  • Commitment to an understanding of one's strengths and difficulties
  • Honesty in academic endeavors
  • Dedication to one's own academic and personal growth
  • Careful organization of time and information
  • Personal accountability
  • Persistence and hard work towards achieving goals
  • Utilization of all support offered at the University


The BUILD program supports self-advocacy. Students are expected to function independently as mature, responsible adults in fulfilling academic requirements and attaining their scholastic and personal goals. Students are expected to attend all class sessions and interact with professors. BUILD tutorial sessions are to support student academic endeavors. However, tutors will assist students, review class information, discern main concepts, set goals and recommend skills to reach goals. Students are expected to attend each tutorial session having already attempted homework and reading assignments. Tutors will be available to help explain unclear concepts; however, students are encouraged to meet frequently with professors.