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At a Glance

BUILD Student Testimonials

Many students with learning disabilities have found the support they need to succeed through the BUILD program. Here's how a few describe their experiences.

"Freshman year started out very messy, but then I learned to perfect it. It was like an art."

-Mark, actuarial science major

“The BUILD program was really helpful in my first two years at the University of Indianapolis. The tutors are very kind and helpful. They really help me to break down the chapters and look at my subjects from a different point of view. If it were not for BUILD I do not think I would have been in college today.”

, communication major

“The program is wonderful for me! I sometimes need a little boost in order to meet my academic responsibilities. They provide the help I need. Don't misunderstand! They won't do your homework for you. You still have to do your part, go to classes and participate...try! The tutors are very caring and encourage us to do our best. They sincerely want us to succeed and will do their best to help reach our potential.”

, social work major

“The best thing happened to me when I joined the BUILD program. There are not enough words to express how much I learned and appreciate from the program. The tutors and advice have helped me overcome many hurdles. The tutors always are so positive and motivate you to work harder. I never thought I could graduate from college. The program made it all possible.”

Spanish and chemistry major

“The program is well-run and organized, with friendly, helpful tutors that help you succeed in classes and beyond. The staff is outgoing, helpful, easy to talk to and will help you in any way so that you receive the grade you deserve.”

, business major

“The best thing about the program is that they try to work around each student's schedule, even if a student is involved in athletics or has a job. They work closely with the professors so that the students get as much help as possible. With all the help I have received here, I am now looking at graduate school to further my education, which would not have been possible without BUILD. Thank you, UIndy!”

, recreation therapy major