Tuition and Fees for School of Adult Learning

Accelerated Programs Division

2014-15 Academic Year

Tuition is $319 per credit hour. Arrangements for payment must be made before the beginning of each session.

Please note: If you take just one Day Division course and also are enrolled in a total of 12 hours or more in one 15-week term (even if you are an Accelerated Programs Division student), you will be charged full-time Day Division tuition.

Extended Programs Division

2014-15 Academic Year

Part-Time Enrollment (1 to 11 credit hours): $340 per credit hour
Full-Time Enrollment (12 to 17 credit hours): $12,577 per semester
Audit Enrollment (non-credit): $170 per credit hour

Application Fee

The application fee for both EPD and APD applicants is $20. The fee is nonrefundable.

Late Registration

The late registration fee is $30.

Deferment Plan

UIndy offers a deferment plan for students who need to split their tuition and fees into two payments. One-half of the student's balance due must be paid by the payment deadline. The balance of the student's account must be paid within four weeks. A fee is assessed for this service that ranges from $10 to $40. Late fees will be assessed on a monthly basis if the balance of the account is not paid by the due date. The student must complete a University Deferment Form to participate. Please contact the Accounting Office for assistance in completing this form.

Employer Deferment Plan

UIndy offers a special privilege to students whose employers will reimburse student educational costs. For a small nonrefundable fee, the UIndy Employer Deferment Plan allows students to defer payment of tuition and fees up to two weeks after a class ends. Only students enrolled in Extended, Accelerated, and some Graduate classes are eligible to apply for this payment plan. The instructions and application for this program are available online or in the Accounting Office upon request.

Financial Aid Deferment

Students who have pending financial aid that has been approved may request a deferment from the Financial Aid Office until the aid can be disbursed. For more information, call the Financial Aid Office at 317-788-3217.

Late Deferred Payments

Students who make a deferred payment after the date it is due will incur a $20–$25 late payment fee depending on the deferment program in which they participate. 

Bad Checks

Students who submit a bad check to the university will be assessed a $20 fee. The fee is nonrefundable.


The transcript fee is $5 per mailed copy or $7 for a faxed copy. The fee is nonrefundable. Transcripts will be withheld if a student has any outstanding debt to the university (tuition, fees, parking fines, library fines, etc.). Requests for transcripts must be submitted in writing or in person and must contain the original ink signature of the student. Transcripts may not be requested over the telephone, by e-mail, via the Web, etc. Parents, spouses, and others may not request an official transcript on behalf of the student.

Please mail your transcript request with your payment to:

Office of the Registrar
University of Indianapolis
1400 East Hanna Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227-3697


Although there is no graduation fee, students must complete an Application for Graduation when they are within 15 credit hours of meeting the graduation requirements. Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

Please note: The tuition and fees shown above apply only to EPD and APD students. The tuition and fee schedule for Day Division students is substantially different. Contact the Office of Admissions for information about Day Division tuition and fees. The list of fees shown above is not all-inclusive. Lab fees are assessed in some courses, and other tuition and fee schedules apply to the Graduate Division, Doctoral Division, Occupational and Physical Therapy programs, private music lessons, independent study, etc. Always verify the tuition and fees for the program in which you are interested.