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Organizational Leadership Degree

What is organizational leadership?

Organizational leadership prepares you for leadership positions in a variety of career fields by helping you develop skills that organizations need to run successfully. This degree program in UIndy's School for Adult Learning lays a foundation in leadership with courses in project management, human resource management, marketing, accounting, international business, and more. We believe in a holistic, ethical approach to leadership that encourages collaboration, trust, listening, and empowerment. This program draws on many of the liberal arts/studies disciplines such as writing, speaking, listening, leadership, and information technology that leaders need to address work and employment issues.

Employment opportunities

Students with degrees in organizational leadership are prepared for a wide range of careers in profit or nonprofit organizations, business, education, hospitals, colleges, government, human services, and small businesses.

Here are some examples of what graduates are doing:

Department supervisor
Management consultant
Project manager
Team leader
Public relations director
Nonprofit organization manager
Community development specialist
Human resource trainer 
Retail manager
Bank loan officer
Department store manager
Special events coordinator
Career planner
Restaurant manager
Corporate recruiter 

How do you market an organizational leadership degree?

  • Communicate that you are an effective and productive team leader.
  • Share how you can motivate and improve performance to achieve.
  • Indicate that you know how to implement highly ethical decision-making practices to support the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Explain that you possess a strong and diverse background in business, marketing and human relations.
  • Share how you successfully manage and supervise within culturally diverse environments.
  • Show that you comprehend organizational development, policy, strategy, and structure.

What skills and knowledge will this degree provide?

Careers in organizational leadership require skills that are transferable and appropriate to any field. These skills include:

  • Communicating ideas and concepts to others
  • Reading, writing and speaking effectively
  • Solving problems and having excellent decision-making skills
  • Organizing, planning, coordinating and executing activities
  • Inspiring productivity and dedication from others
  • Thinking analytically and working well under pressure
  • Building, directing and leading teams to work toward a common goal

Will this degree prepare me for graduate school?

 You will have the option to use your degree as a springboard for a variety of advanced degree programs, such as an SLD, an MBA or doctoral programs. Keep in mind that there are certain careers that require a master's or doctoral degree. 

Curriculum guide

The curriculum guide lists courses required for the degree. For a description of each course, please consult the University Catalog. For a printed copy of the current curriculum guide, stop by the School for Adult Learning office in Esch Hall 103.

Please download the Curriculum Guide for Organizational Leadership Degree

More information

For more information, please contact the School for Adult Learning at 317-788-2394 or by email at