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Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree

What are the liberal arts/studies?

A liberal arts degree provides students with general knowledge and intellectual development, rather than specialized occupational training and skills. UIndy's liberal studies program focuses less on direct professional training and education and instead provides a general education that includes courses in natural and social sciences, writing and literature, history, math, language, and the arts.

What can you do with a liberal studies degree?

Anything! Take a random poll sometime and assess how many of your family members or friends are in jobs that match the degree or education they received. Many people are promoting their transferable skills and taking on careers they never thought they would. College is not job training; it is life learning. You are encouraged to embrace those classes that you “have to take” and be open to the new interests and passions that may emerge. Many employers simply want their employees to have a college degree. From there, they will train you.

How do you market a liberal studies degree?

  • Show your passion and interest in the field
  • Demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate problem-solving capabilities
  • Share tangible examples that exhibit constructive and collaborative interaction with others
  • Promote your adaptability to change
  • Exhibit your skills that are transferable
  • Share your willingness, ability, and interest in learning

What specific skills and knowledge will a liberal studies degree provide?

Research shows that the skills that today’s employers most commonly seek in their employees are precisely those gained through a liberal studies curriculum. You'll gain a skill base founded on communication, critical thinking, ability to work effectively with others, problem-solving, and a sense of curiosity helps develop a well-rounded individual who becomes an attractive candidate to prospective employers. 

Our recent liberal studies graduates hold jobs in the following fields:

Law enforcement
Social services

Retail management
Financial services
Nonprofit agencies
State agencies

Curriculum guide

The curriculum guide (also called a pattern sheet) is a list of the courses required for the bachelor of liberal studies degree offered through School for Adult Learning. For a printed copy of this Curriculum Guide, which contains greater detail, departmental footnotes, etc., please contact SAL in Esch Hall 103. For a description of each course listed below, please consult the University Catalog. 

More information

For more information, please contact the School for Adult Learning at 317-788-2394 or by email at