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Emergency & Disaster Management Programs

What is emergency and disaster management?

Emergency and disaster management is a field of study and research that focuses on the planning and directing of the disaster/emergency response or crisis management activities, providing disaster and emergency preparedness training, preparing emergency plans and procedures for natural disasters or hostage situations.

UIndy offers both associate's and bachelor's degrees in Emergency & Disaster Management. You'll graduate as a highly trained professional with the skills and knowledge to prepare for and respond to disasters of any scale.

Employment opportunities

UIndy's emergency and disaster management programs programs will help prepare you for careers in emergency management and public safety. The programs will introduce you to the all-hazards approach, emergency and disaster management phases, risk assessment, prevention and management, counter-terrorism, consequence management, mitigation, and recovery.

What specific skills and knowledge will this degree provide?

Foundation tenets

  • Historical awareness
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership, management and decision-making
  • Personal, organizational and professional development

Core areas

  • The principles of emergency management, standards, best practices, and comparative practices
  • Human, political and legal dimensions
  • Areas of emergency and disaster management responsibility
  • Risk assessment process and methodology
  • Fiscal dimensions of emergency and disaster management
  • Awareness of promotion and emergency management

Supporting areas

  • Public administration and community planning and development
  • Public, private, and nongovernmental organization networking
  • Current and emerging technologies

Curriculum guides

The curriculum guides below list the courses required for each degree. For a description of each course, please consult the University Catalog.

Emergency & Disaster Management Bachelor's Degree Curriculum Guide

Emergency & Disaster Management Associate's Degree Curriculum Guide

More information

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