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The Nursing Academy

The University of Indianapolis & Community Health Network

An academic partnership

The Nursing Academy is a unique academic partnership between Community Health Network and the University of Indianapolis that offers an accelerated path for students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. It was established to support the unprecedented demands on today's nursing workforce. Together, we're able to provide a higher standard of care to a complex and growing patient population by preparing nursing students to practice in the evolving landscape of healthcare.

Community Health NetworkThe Nursing Academy aims to create a better prepared workforce by replacing abstract principles with more hands-on experiences, while enabling more non-traditional students to earn a bachelor's degree.

Educating nurses for the future of healthcare

The Nursing Academy is designed to enhance nursing students' critical thinking skills and clinical judgment, while enabling a shorter transition period between the classroom and independent practice. 

UIndy brings expertise and innovative approaches to academic instruction and the nursing curriculum, embracing simulation-based education for integrative learning. The condensed accelerated curriculum also enables qualified students to graduate in three years.

The Nursing Academy also expands faculty and clinical site resources, offering many additional student nursing opportunities in Indiana. Highly performing student interns will often earn continued employment in their clinical practice settings as a registered nurse upon graduation. 

Student nursing internship

Nursing Academy students will be employed on a part-time basis (at least 12 hours every two weeks) as a student intern with Community Health Network, allowing them to earn an income while also being immersed in the clinical setting and culture of Community Health Network. 

Program length

The accelerated BSN program can be completed in four or five semesters depending on whether the student is a traditional (first-time student) or second degree student (holding a bachelor's degree in another field). 

Program admission and requirements

The University of Indianapolis and Community Health Network will collaboratively admit students to the Nursing Academy. Students will progress through the program in a cohort design, graduating together. Two cohorts will be admitted annually. 

All prospective students must meet UIndy's Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) admission requirements and complete all designated prerequisites prior to applying for admission to the Nursing Academy. 

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