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Accelerated BSN Course List & Schedule


These courses must be completed before beginning the 15-month Accelerated BSN (A-BSN) clinical component. They may be taken at other regionally accredited schools and transferred to UIndy. If you choose this route, please verify with the UIndy School of Nursing that the credits will transfer before enrolling in classes.

BIOL 103   Human Anatomy   4 credits
BIOL 104   Human Physiology   4 credits
BIOL 209   Clinical Microbiology   4 credits
CHEM 104   Intro to Organic Chemistry   5 credits
PSY   Abnormal Psychology AND
Developmental Psychology
  3 credits each
MATH 220   Elementary Statistics   4 credits

Based on transcript evaluation and sequencing, some students may not need to take all of the prerequisites. Required science and math courses must have been taken during the previous five years to fulfill the A-BSN requirements. Because A-BSN students will receive a bachelor's degree in order to sit for the NCLEX, students must fulfill the general education core of the University. Because you already have a bachelor's degree, it is hoped that your previous coursework will fulfill the bulk of or all of the UIndy general education requirements. See the A-BSN pattern sheet below for more information.

Nursing prerequisites

These courses must be completed before starting the 15-month A-BSN program.

NURB 225   Nutrition for Health Professionals   2 credits
NURB 285   Pharmacology   3 credits
NURB 330   Methods of Nursing Research   3 credits

Clinical component courses for A-BSN


NURB 230   Health Assessment I   3 credits
NURB 340   Pathophysiological Concepts   3 credits
NURB 232   Health Assessment II   5 credits

Semester I

NURB 360   Life Span I   6 credits
NURB 325   Community Health   3 credits
NURB 512
  Theoretical Frameworks for
Advanced Nursing Practice
(online graduate course)
  3 credits

Semester II

NURB 370   Life Span II   7 credits
NURB 518
  Issues & Policies in Health Care
(online graduate course)
  2 credits
NURB 510
  Applied Statistics
(online graduate course)
  3 credits


NURB 435   Life Span III   6 credits
NURB 455   Leadership in Nursing   2 credits
NURB 460   Capstone Nursing Practicum   3 credits

A-BSN pattern sheet

The A-BSN pattern sheet (PDF) outlines all the classes, including prerequisites, that you need to take to complete the program and allows you to plan your courses and track your progress.