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At a Glance

Library Mission & Values

Mission of the Krannert Memorial Library:

Krannert Memorial Library supports teaching and learning excellence at the University of Indianapolis through:

  • Access to carefully-developed scholarly and archival collections for learning and enrichment, innovative educational technologies, and the expertise of information professionals.
  • Delivery of efficient, user-centered services.
  • Creation of environments to support intellectual discovery, creative learning, and meaningful collaboration.

Values of the Krannert Memorial Library:

  • Respect: The Library upholds intellectual freedom and provides wide access to a broad spectrum of perspectives, protects the confidentiality and privacy of users, and promotes an environment of diversity and inclusion.
  • Agility: The Library is welcoming, flexible, relevant, and able to anticipate emerging user needs.
  • Innovation: The Library is forward-looking and supports a culture of creative problem solving, strategic risk-taking, and open idea sharing.
  • Learning: The Library is integral to a culture and community of learning and partners with faculty to realize positive learning outcomes, advance scholarship, and educate users about information evaluation and ethics.
  • Service: The Library develops and delivers efficient and effective services to support information discovery and knowledge synthesis.