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At a Glance

Faculty Development Opportunities


Faculty members can apply for institutional grants for summer research, interdisciplinary team teaching and international travel. In addition, UIndy’s Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs assists faculty and staff in acquiring both internal and external funding for research and service projects.

Release Time

As frequently as every third year, the University authorizes a reduced teaching load for faculty to develop curriculum or pursue research interests or continuing education.

Professional Development and Conference Participation

The University may provide subsidies and reimburse expenses for attending or participating in professional conferences and for memberships in professional organizations. Faculty also may be able to use these subsidies for tuition support or to pursue post-terminal degree work.

Sabbatical Leaves

After five years of continuous service, a full-time faculty member may apply for a sabbatical leave to be taken following the sixth year, for one semester at full salary or two semesters at half salary. Faculty members granted sabbaticals are required to give a minimum of two years service to the University following the sabbatical leave.