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Krannert School of Physical Therapy

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Clinical Education in PT

Clinical education is an integral component of the Krannert School of Physical Therapy (KSPT) programs at the University of Indianapolis. It is during clinical education experiences that students, faculty, and professionals from a host of settings come together to prepare students for the demanding, hands-on work of physical therapy. 

KSPT Clinical Education Team Mission Statement

Effective partnerships in physical therapy clinical education require commitment and dedication by all involved parties including the students, the academic faculty, the clinical faculty, and community/ clinical organizations.  The mission of the KSPT Clinical Education Team is to support and develop these entities so that each can contribute fully to the provision of quality physical therapy education.  Through the use of clinical education partnerships, we strive to provide each student with well-rounded exposure to clinical practice in high-quality clinical facilities where they are supervised and mentored by clinical faculty who demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and clinical skill.    

KSPT Clinical Education Team

Renée Van Veld, PT, MS  Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education

Tammy Simmons, PT, MHS Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Clinical Education for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Steve Wiley, PT, PhD Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Clinical Education for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program’

Kathy deJong Administrative Assistant for KSPT Clinical Education Program

Overview of KSPT Clinical Education Curricula

Click for an overview of KSPT Clinical Education Curricula in the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant programs  ►

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