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Krannert School of Physical Therapy

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Overview of KSPT Clinical Education Curricula

Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Clinical Seminar I-III:  Students are introduced to hands-on patient care in an integrated clinical experience during the first year of the curriculum, as well as being introduced to professional issues.  In the second program year, students receive more in-depth instruction in ethical and legal issues.

Full-time Clinical Experience I – III:  Students participate in three 8-week clinical experiences during which they will be involved in providing direct patient care under the supervision and guidance of a clinical instructor.  The faculty believes a mix of clinical experiences provides a well-rounded exposure to physical therapy practice.  Therefore, students are required to complete rotations in three different settings, such as acute care, neurological rehabilitation, pediatrics and outpatient orthopedics.

Clinical Internship:  The final semester of the curriculum is a 15-week clinical internship during which students will develop entry-level patient management skills as well as other skills related to practice, such as consultation or administration. 

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Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Students complete a 5-week full-time clinical experience following the first academic year in the program.   The second full-time clinical experience lasts 6 weeks and the third lasts 7 weeks, both following the second academic year in the program.  Students are required to complete one inpatient rotation and one outpatient rotation. The third clinical experience is selected based upon the student’s area of interest, site availability, and clinical skills not yet at entry level.  This combination of inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences provides each student with a well-rounded exposure to physical therapy practice.

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