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School of Occupational Therapy

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MOT Tuition

The entry-level MOT Program is charged per credit hour. For 2017-18, the cost is $872/credit hour. Students will average 7-9 credits per semester, and the program includes 10 semesters. Therefore, average cost per semester ranges from $5,992 to $7,704 and the total cost of the program is estimated at $65,056.

Additional estimated costs may include:

  • Certified Background Portal Fee, Background Check, Drug Screen, and HIPPA Examination (Prior to starting program): $185
  • Online APA Examination (Prior to starting program): $90
  • Professional Liability Fee: $50/year
  • Health Services Fee: $50/year
  • Technology Fee: $50/semester
  • Lab Fees: $50-$75/year
  • Textbooks: $200-$250/semester
  • Student AOTA fees: $75/year
  • Graduation Fee Cap & Gown: $75
  • Certification Exam Preparation Course (Optional): $325

All expenses, including tuition and fees, are subject to change annually.
Research costs vary from student to student.
Additional expenses may be incurred (travel, food, lodging, etc.), depending on fieldwork location.