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Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

UIndy has more than 300 contracts with various fieldwork sites in more than 25 states.

The fieldwork experience is a vital part of both the Master of Occupational Therapy and Doctor of Occupational Therapy programs. It is intended to complement academic preparation by offering additional opportunities for:

  • Professional growth
  • Application of knowledge
  • Development and testing of clinical skills
  • Validation and consolidation of those functions that comprise professional competence, including service management and research

UIndy has more than 300 contracts with various fieldwork sites in more than 25 states, so students have a wide variety of locations and types of fieldwork experiences from which to choose their fieldwork placements.

Level I Fieldwork: Completed by both MOT and OTD students, each placement builds upon the skills acquired from the previous fieldwork experience and progressively increases in length allowing the student more time to demonstrate competence, thus allowing fieldwork educators to better mentor and evaluate student performance. Students must successfully complete all Level I fieldwork placements prior to starting any Level II Fieldwork.

Level II Fieldwork: Completed by both MOT and OTD students, its purpose is to develop competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapists and to provide opportunities for students to engage in all aspects of the occupational therapy process in a variety of practice settings and age groups. Placement is made through a modified lottery system, which allows the student’s input in choosing potential sites for Level II fieldwork. Students are traditionally placed in two fieldwork settings, although they may be placed in a minimum of one setting if it is reflective of more than one area of practice, or a maximum of four settings.

Level III Advanced Placement: Completed only by OTD students, the purpose is to develop occupational therapists with advanced skills beyond a generalist level. It includes an in-depth experience of one or more of the following: clinical practice skills, research skills, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, or theory development. Students must successfully complete Level II Fieldwork and pass a competency requirement before beginning their Advanced Placement.

Fieldwork Level LengthPlacement in MOT Placement in OTD
Level I A  1 week  Year 2, Summer  Year 1, Winter Semester
Level I B  2 weeks  Year 3, Fall Semester  Year 1, Summer Semester
Level I C  3 weeks  Year 3, Winter Semester  Year 2, Fall Semester
Level I D 7 weeks*  Year 3, Summer Semester  Year 2, Winter Semester
Level II  24 weeks  Year 3, Fall & Winter Semester  Year 2, Summer & Year 3 Fall Semester
Level III  16 weeks  N/A  Year 3 Winter Semester

*Tied together with coursework from Issues in OT Practice IV

Additional fieldwork information from the American Occupational Therapy Association ►

Students are expected to complete all graduation requirements and fieldwork within 3 ½ years, except for in extenuating circumstances in which a written agreement will be made with the student and Program Director. Students must complete Level II Fieldwork and Advanced Placement FW requirements within 24 months of completing the didactic portion of the curriculum.