GREAThounds Give Back - Young Alumni Campaign

We’re celebrating all the ways UIndy grads give back! Our communities benefit in countless ways from the presence of UIndy grads like you, and we’re asking you to help us continue this tradition of service by giving back to UIndy.

GREAThounds in action! 

Nikki Reed '07 is an on-air personality for WZPL and volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

Nikki Reed '07

Degree: Theatre

What Nikki is doing now: On-air personality for WZPL (99.5 FM) in Indianapolis

How Nikki gives back: She brings attention to events and important causes every day while at the microphone, volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters and speaks to Communication students about their career paths.

Why Nikki made a gift to UIndy: She received scholarship support while she was a student and gives back because it enabled her to attend the University of Indianapolis.

Fenrick James '04 works for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and volunteers with his church. 

Fenrick James '04

Degree: Computer Information Systems

What Fenrick is doing now: System administrator for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development in Indianapolis

How Fenrick gives back:  He volunteers with his church and, most recently, the Great UIndy Clean-Up.

Why Fenrick made a gift to UIndy:  He values the relationships he made on campus and the education he received at UIndy.

Caryn Corriere '98 works at a nature preserve and volunteers with the Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters and her church.

Caryn Corriere '98

Degree: Environmental Science

What Caryn is doing now: Facilitator at a nature preserve in western New York

How Caryn gives back: She teaches children and adults about the importance of nature and the environment. She also volunteers through Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters and her church.

Why Caryn made a gift to UIndy: She is grateful for the scholarships she received and now chooses to give back to her alma mater to make scholarships possible for others.

Ryan Scott '01 works for RLR Associates in Indianapolis and mentors others interested in his field. 

Ryan Scott '01

Degree: Marketing

What Ryan is doing now: Marketing and business director for RLR Associates, Inc. in Indianapolis

How Ryan gives back: He is involved with infrastructure projects that change the landscape and experience of cities, neighborhoods, sports arenas and hospitals of various sizes. He also mentors individuals who are interested in entering the field of marketing and design.

Why Ryan made a gift to UIndy: UIndy enabled him to mature, learn and experience so many new things that he might not have had the option to otherwise.

Jeffry Dalstrom '09 works for Warren Performing Arts Center and enhances the arts education of students around the city.

Jeffrey Dalstrom '09

Degree: Theatre

What Jeffrey is doing now: Director of the Warren Performing Arts Center in Indianapolis

How Jeffrey gives back: He reaches out to the community by bringing the arts back to community schools. His center provides workshops, dancing and musical encounters to students in the city who may not have had a chance to benefit from the arts in their education.

Why Jeffrey made a gift to UIndy: He appreciates his connections with UIndy and the great advice he received from professors as a student and now as a professional in his field.

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