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At a Glance

Packaging Philosophy

There are basically three types of aid that may be awarded in a financial aid package.

  1. Scholarships and grants are referred to as "gift aid" and do not have to be repaid
  2. Loans are repayable with interest after the student ceases half-time enrollment
  3. Earnings from employment are often used to meet college expenses.

The university first determines the student's eligibility for all types of gift assistance. These gift aid sources include Federal Pell Grant, Indiana's Frank O'Bannon Freedom of Choice or 21st Century Grants, and other awards based on talent and entitlements. Additional gift assistance from university funds may be awarded depending on the student's academic performance and financial need. If financial need remains after gift aid has been awarded, loan or work awards are given. If funds are insufficient to meet the full need of all students, a gap of unmet need is left in each student's aid package.

As a general rule, students should not expect to receive financial assistance from institutional gift aid sources in combination with other gift aid in excess of university-assessed charges for tuition, room and board. Students who are in their fifth year of study or who applied after the March 10 FAFSA receipt date deadline may receive less gift assistance depending upon the availability of funds.

Appeals process

If students believe the financial aid award is not equitable, they may make a written request for a review of their application to the Director of Financial Aid. Appeals will be reviewed, and students will be notified of the final decision.