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How Much Will It Cost to Attend UIndy?

Your cost of attendance is the estimated amount that it will cost you to attend the University of Indianapolis during the nine-month academic year using standard costs.

A student budget is composed of standard tuition, fees, books, supplies, miscellaneous expenses, transportation, room, and board. The Office of Financial Aid creates a student budget based on the information that is provided to us on the UIndy Aid Application.

The budgets below are based on 2017-18 academic year charges for a full-time undergraduate student.  For graduate budget information, please click here.

  • Direct cost – Fees that are paid directly to the university.
  • Indirect cost – Costs associated with needs outside of the university.
(living in a residence hall with a 14-meal plan)
(living off campus  without meal plan)
(living with a parent, without a meal plan)
Tuition   $27,860   $27,860   $27,860
Room and Board   $9,988   $0   $0
Fees   $530   $530   $530
Total Direct Cost   $38,378   $28,390   $28,390
Books and Supplies   $1,250   $1,250   $1,250
Room and Board   $0   $9,150   $2,820
Transportation   $1,178   $2,222   $2,222
Miscellaneous   $2,096   $2,096   $2,096
Total Indirect Cost   $4,524   $14,718

Total Cost of Education (Estimated)







Part-time attendance

Students who attend on a part-time basis (less than 12 credit hours per semester) are charged a per credit hour rate as follows:

Day Division $1,152
Physical Therapy Assistant Program $872

Tuition charges vary for other cohort groups.