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At a Glance


One of the main themes of the University's Strategic Plan, Vision 2030, is continuing to foster a vibrant community culture that values, respects and welcomes diversity and inclusive learning. We aim to be a University that continually invites the exchange of new perspectives and ideas and works to create a respectful, accepting environment. Our instition is already seeing results of our efforts for development and growth in this area, but our efforts toward progress are far from over. Our Strategic Plan includes a blueprint for addressing specific goals relating to attracting, recruiting and retaining students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds.
We encourage the University community to be involved in the variety of lectures, performances, presentations and other initiatives hosted on our campus throughout the academic year that celebrate diversity within our community and and bring new issues, questions and concerns to the forefront of conversation. We also provide a number of cultural student organization, leadership programs and intercultural learning opportunities for students, faculty and staff.
The office of Equity & Inclusion provides oversight and support for the University's efforts to comply with Title IX through consultation, training and resources. We also assist the Title IX Committee with investigation of discrimination and harrassment reports.
Please submit the Report a Bias Incident form or contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at 317-781-5764 or by email at