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Teach (STEM)³

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Cost & Financial Aid 

Program Tuition & Fees 2017-18

*Direct and indirect charges are based on 2017-18 pricing tables (consumer price index) and should only be considered an estimate.  Indirect charge estimates are typical expenses for graduate students in the Master’s in Teaching program and assume off-campus living.  Your costs may be different depending on your specific situation.  If you are a career-changer and feel that the costs in this standardized model are too low to meet your needs, please contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss special consideration.

Understanding your aid eligibility 

Maintain at least half-time status 

Graduate-level programs, such as the Teach (STEM)3 Program, require that students be enrolled at least half-time, or 4.5 credit hours each semester, in order to remain eligible for aid.  The University has designed its Teach (STEM)3 Program course schedule to ensure that you remain at least half-time during the four semesters of your degree program.

Additional financial aid considerations 

TEACH Grant 

The TEACH Grant award may offer up to $3,724 per year (every two semesters) in grants to graduate students enrolled in eligible campus-based degree programs who

  1. Intend to teach full-time in high-need subject areas;
  2. Agree to teach for at least four years within an eight-year time frame post-graduation;
  3. Agree to teach at schools that serve students from low-income families;
  4. Maintain an active Agreement to Serve and Promise to Pay service contract and online counseling with the U.S. Department of Education until the four-year service is met;
  5. Meet all award eligibility criteria related to grade point average.

All first-time award recipients must attend a pre-award career and financial aid counseling session as well as submit a first-time grant approval form, and return recipients must submit an award request form before the grant will be approved.  Lifetime maximum limits exist for this federal award of $8,000 for graduate students. These grants are converted to Direct Unsubsidized Loans (with interest from the first loan disbursement) if you are not able to meet and maintain the basic award criteria.

To inquire about the terms of the program and application processes, please contact your program director. 


The University’s School of Education is working to obtain stipend funding, with the potential to cover full tuition, for the Teach (Stem)Program.  We encourage interested applicants to check back with the School of Education’s Teach (STEM)3 Program in the near future for more information. 

Apply for financial aid

For additional details about financial aid options or to begin your aid applications (UIndy Aid Application, FAFSA), explore Financial Aid for Master’s and Doctoral Students.  Teach (STEM)3 students will file an initial FAFSA prior to the first summer semester in the program (FAFSA 2016-17) and a subsequent FAFSA for the remaining three semesters (FAFSA 2017-18).  UIndy Summer and Academic Year Aid Applications will also be submitted online.

Cancellation and deferment options for teachers 

If you teach in a low-income or subject-matter shortage area, it might be possible for you to cancel or defer your student loans.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements for teacher loan forgiveness and deferment  ►