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Department of Teacher Education Master of Arts in Teaching

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MAT Field Experiences & Student Teaching

In order to ensure our students are fully prepared for teaching, we include both field experiences and student teaching in our program so you have plenty of firsthand experience in classrooms.

Field Experiences

In the fall semester of your first year, you'll complete a middle school field placement. During this experience, you'll observe and work with small groups. During the second semester, you'll complete a high school placement, during which you'll begin your initial practice teaching.

Student Teaching

The clinical practice, or student teaching, component of the MAT program provides you with a hands-on opportunity to teach regular daytime classes in a school for a complete semester. The student teaching experience also includes a series of required seminars held in late afternoon throughout the semester.

This is a full-time obligation for the semester, so if you are employed full-time, you must plan to take a leave of absence or make other arrangements in order to complete your student teaching. Student teachers do not receive a salary or other monetary compensation, so you may also need to plan for a loss of income, though some of this could be offset through student loan programs.

You will prepare a portfolio as a culminating activity before the end of your student teaching. The portfolio will display your knowledge, skills and abilities gained during the semester. A complete and approved portfolio is required before you are considered to have completed your student teaching experience successfully.