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Master of Arts in Teaching Program

See how Patrick benefited from UIndy's MAT program.

UIndy's MAT program prepares those who already have a bachelor's degree in a specific content area for a teaching career. The program is designed for busy, career-changing adults who need to balance work, school and family obligations. We strive to produce high-quality teachers—our award-winning graduates have been recognized for excellence at both the local and state level.

Program Length

The complete program, which includes licensure and a master's degree, is 36 credit hours, which are taken over two academic years and the summer in between. The licensure portion of the program is 28 credit hours and takes 15 months to complete. Students typically register for at least five hours per semester in order to be eligible for student loan programs.

Licensing Areas

UIndy offers secondary (grades 7-12) or all-grade licenses through the MAT program in the content areas listed below. We do not offer an elementary (grades K-6) license through the MAT program.

The program is designed for those who already have a degree in a content area. We will evaluate your credentials and background to help you determine if you meet the specific subject requirements for an Indiana teaching license. If not, you must fulfill those requirements as well, which will be in addition to the MAT program requirements.

Middle/High School License Areas

  • English
  • LIfe Sciences
    (Biology, Chemistry,
    Earth/Space, Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Languages
    (French, Spanish, German)
  • Social Studies
  • Theatre

All-Grade License Areas

  • Music
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Visual Arts

Additional License for Mild Intervention

A Mild Intervention (special education) license gives you additional background and education to help you work with all types of learners. Because special education is a high-need area in many schools, this license may provide additional career options. You'll need to take some additional classes and clinical experiences to complete the Mild Intervention licenses requirements.


Cohort—students begin the program at the same time and take all classes together. This allows you to share a common learning experience with other cohort members, while at the same time learning from each other's diverse backgrounds. This also helps you develop professional contacts and relationships that can endure for years. Our cohorts average 12 to 16 people.


Tuition is $508/credit hour for the 2017-18 academic year. Students purchase or rent their own books and course materials for each class.
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“The MAT program is dedicated to training for the field of education from the first day. The hands-on approach exposed me to the school setting from the beginning, allowing me to observe, question and reflect on the happenings of the classroom. The degree of experience from the faculty, guests and participating schools truly allowed for great insight to the day-to-day of the teaching profession.”
Kara Heichelbech


The MAT Program is two-tiered. In the first tier, you'll complete the 28 credit hours required for a secondary teacher license. In the second tier, you'll complete the Master of Arts in Teaching degree. This program design allows you to complete the remaining courses for the master's degree even after you have obtained a full-time job.

The curriculum provides a strong foundation in teaching methods and best practices. Courses also focus on contemporary issues in education, effective use of technology in the classroom and techniques for teaching students with special needs.
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Transfer Credit

Because of the unique design of the MAT program, no courses may be transferred into the first 28 hours of the program. A maximum of three credit hours may be transferred into the final eight hours of the program, with approval by the MAT coordinator.

Class Times & Location

Our program is designed to meet the needs of working adults, so most classes are offered in the evenings or on Saturdays on the UIndy campus. However, the student teaching semester will be a full-time, daytime obligation and you may need to take a leave of absence from work or make other arrangements in order to complete your student teaching. Student teachers are not compensated, so you may also need to make allowances for a loss of income during that time. Most student teaching assignments are in the Indianapolis area.

When Can I Start?

New cohorts begin each fall. Because the admission process includes several steps, we encourage you to start it as soon as possible.

MAT Handbook

For more detailed information about the MAT program, program transition points, and licensing requirements, check out the MAT handbook.