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Teach Today, Transform Tomorrow: Elementary Education

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Cost & Financial Aid

In order to provide enacted pedagogy and maximize on the K-12 field opportunities, the Transformational Teacher Elementary Education STEM program will use an alternative academic calendar that mirrors that of surrounding K-12 districts starting candidates in early August and keeping them until the end of May. By extending the calendar, candidates will be able to complete their program requirements in three and half years.  A four-year tuition will still be collected in the three and half years through the 15 additional hours of coursework completed during Years 1-3. Transformational Elementary Education Teachers can graduate with 120 hours in 3.5 years with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education, a concentration in Reading and STEM with a Transformational Teacher certificate.   

Each Elementary Education Major is requirement by the State of Indiana to hold a minor or be eligible for an additional license. To meet that requisite, candidates can either add an Exceptional Needs: Mild Interventions license or the Reading license at 126.5 credit hours Either or both of these two concentrations can be completed within the 3.5 years along with all University CORE requirements.  We are also exploring the addition of the English Language License through collaboration with the English Department. This Elementary Block design will allow instructors to tailor courses to meet the unique needs of, standards for, and accrediting requirements of the elementary candidates.  

Tuition will be charged using ½ rate over two summers from August 1 through the last day of May Spring Term (10 month schedule) thus collecting four year’s worth of tuition in 3.5 years.   

In December of their senior year, candidates would graduate with an Elementary license with STEM concentration and Transformational Teacher certificate and the Reading license and/or Special Education license in Mild Interventions. They would be eligible to assume a teaching position after the December graduation or enroll in UIndy grad school to possibly earn an additional teaching license in English Language Learning or have the opportunity to participate in a paid apprenticeship with one of our partnering schools while also enrolling in a 1.5 year master’s program available through UIndy allowing the candidate’s to graduate in 5 years with a masters.

This new schedule aligns with K-6 school schedules as well as maximizes use of University facilities and faculty.  Candidates could still elect to take summer courses to meet their personal interests and an additional minor. Course delivery would consist primarily of face-to-face classes that are delivered both on campus and in partnering K-6 buildings.  Some courses will be blended classes utilizing face-to-face and on-line formats.