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L.E.A.D. Institute: Leader Education And Development

About the program

The mission of the LEAD Program is: “Transform leader behavior – to enable leaders to transform organizational culture.”

LEAD is an interactive, experiential learning laboratory focused on concepts of human behavior, planned change, organizational culture, and contemporary leadership designed to build a “foundational knowledge base” of key principles and practices. Workshop participants are exposed to contemporary concepts and principles compelling them to confront and question current personal paradigms and assumptions that influence and determine their beliefs and behaviors. Learning scientific principles is critical because principles operate regardless of one’s awareness of them or belief in them.

Principles are the centerpiece of the workshops. The objective is not to learn how to do something. The objective is to learn why to do something. Principles are the why to do’s – the elements upon which applications or practices are built. Armed with principles, one can apply them with confidence given their unique situation or circumstances. The principles are presented, demonstrated and discussed in open forums. Small groups work on probes, exercises, and case studies to understand, apply, and think critically about the principles. An “as you go” personal workshop journal is maintained. Program pre-work consists of reading materials, questionnaires, and writing a biography. 

The LEAD Program consists of three sequential and inter-related workshops. They are wholly integrated and are based on the “building block” approach to adult learning and development.

  • Workshop I sets the foundation of principles and aims to de-bunk some of the more common yet destructive management myths.
  • Workshop II builds upon the foundation by introducing supporting concepts and also reinforcing the foundational principles through small group experiential exercises.
  • Workshop III, the "capstone" course, focuses on creating personal models and action plans to enable individual and organizational transformation.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will learn to shift their paradigms and revise their assumptions about common management theories.
  • Participants will learn and apply the principles of "why-to-do's".

Designed for:

  • Emerging and experienced leaders looking to make a transformational shift in their leadership and management skills.


What does the cost include?
This comprehensive, competency-based program includes all institute materials and a certificate of completion with CEUs.

Start the registration process below, or, if you're a currently enrolled UIndy student, contact the Professional Edge Center to register. For more information or for registration assistance, please contact the Division for Professional Engagement at or call 317-788-3393.

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