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At a Glance

Basic Project Management

About the program

The Basic Project Management workshop is designed to introduce the attendee to project management including a history of users-to-date, the primary purpose of project management, and the life cycle of a project. This workshop will also include basic project management terms utilized by organizations to enable the attendee to become more engaged within the process. The workshop will also include an introduction to project management software.

Learning objectives

  • Participants will learn and understand the history and relevance of project management across industries.
  • Participants will learn and understand the importance of understanding Time, Scope and Costs, as well as an organization's culture and vision in relation to project selection.
  • Participants will learn how to classify projects and how to appropriately define project teams.
  • Participants will learn to brainstorm Project from an idea to software (MS Project®).

Designed for:

This program is designed for individuals new to the concept of project management or needing an understanding of framing projects for better project management.


For more information or for registration assistance, please contact the Division for Professional Engagement at or call 317-788- 3393.

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