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CRC Graduate Student Research Assistantships

Graduate student research assistantships with the Community Research Center (CRC) are available to outstanding students in the Applied Sociology graduate program. These positions provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain real experience working on applied social science research projects in a wide variety of areas. In addition, students receive a small stipend to help defray the costs of school, and many of the projects also qualify for up to six hours of research practicum course credits toward the degree. Some studies could lead to publication in journals and other media.

Responsibilities of the positions may include but are not limited to assisting the director of the CRC and associated faculty with ongoing research projects by conducting qualitative field interviews, writing reports, completing literature reviews, entering data, and/or helping with updates for the CRC website. Assistants are also encouraged to apply for research grants to support their own projects.

The positions are competitive and require completion of the application below. All applications are reviewed by the CRC Advisory Board. Positions are awarded each year on a revolving basis after February 1 and no later than August 5, prior to the beginning of the fall semester. The assistantship is a nine month position (Sept–May). Preference is given to full-time students (registered for nine credit hours each semester).

Currently there are three annual (nine month) positions available.

  • Departmental Graduate Assistantship (requires 8 hours/week) 50% tuition for nine month position
  • CRC Assistantship A (requires 8 hours/week) $2,880 for nine month position
  • CRC Assistantship B (requires 4 hours/week) $1,440 for nine month position

For more information, email the director at or

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For more information, email the director at