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At a Glance

University Web Development

New Website Rollout

The Communications & Marketing team is working on a web redevelopment strategy that will result in a newly-designed website, scheduled for launch in Fall 2017. The website launch will coincide with the University brand launch and will be one of the first items to encompass the new brand image, tone and messaging.

Key to the success of the website project is the content migration and development process, which will take place during the Summer of 2017 (see timeline below). The goal is to complete content updates by the end of June, so we can begin to migrate the current website to the new website platform (and content management system or CMS) this summer and launch the new University website this Fall to impact recruitment of 2018, 2019 and 2020 classes.

Website Migration Timeline

The website is a University-wide initiative requiring support from across the institution – we understand the constraints of time and resources within each unit and want to ensure all units are comfortable with the proposed timeline. Please feel free to share with Kelly Hauflaire any feedback regarding this timeline; and how we might work together to support the delivery of the new site, support your unit in the process, and deliver a high quality, contemporary site.

The Communications & Marketing team will ensure all of the current content on the website is accurate and representative of your departments. As a result, members of the Communications & Marketing team will begin reaching out to University departments to establish 1) a process and timeline for content migration and 2) revisions to include scheduling a meeting to review each department’s current content, discuss content changes and develop a timeline to update content. These meetings will take place during May and June.

We are excited for the launch of the new website this Fall, and we truly believe it will have a tremendous impact on the students, staff, alumni, donors, community leaders and prospective students that we serve.