Department of

Physics & Earth-Space Science

Independence to explore your interests

You direct the trajectory of your own learning as a student in the Physics & Earth-Space Science Department at UIndy. While professors guide you in classroom learning, research projects, experiments and reports, you ultimately have the freedom to explore any individual interests. This is practical learning at its best, when your intrigue motivates your research.

Applied theory

Theories studied in courses are used to conduct research projects of your choice—be that computer software or Indiana geological formations. Rather than simply reading and talking about theoretical ideas in physics and earth-space sciences, you learn how to apply them in hands-on experiments and projects. 

Research opportunities

Along with this applied learning, you can also become involved in funded research projects. You are given the opportunity to make proposals for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) to the National Science Foundation, and gain experience in how to receive funding for the projects of your choice.

UIndy balloon from 90,000 feet

Through a research balloon launch, we sent weather-monitoring equipment and a special wide-angle camera into the highest reaches of the atmosphere. The camera, provided by a local storm tracking organization called the BAM Chase Team, was an experimental device that they believed could serve as a new way of observing tornadoes. While no tornadoes occurred that day, the balloon rose to 90,000 feet and the camera caught this stunning image of the Earth and Sun from the edge of space.