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Department of Philosophy & Religion Undergraduate Programs

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General Education Courses

When you think about going to college, of course you want to prepare for your economic future. But in your heart of hearts, you also know there is more to life than a good job. We can help you explore what that "more" can look like.

The UIndy Philosophy & Religion Department offers courses that open up the big questions of life, such as: How do I know something is true? How can I know what is good? How does God figure into this? How do I make sense of the Bible? We are not here simply to dictate a specific set of answers. We want to give you the tools to come to your own answers—tools that will suit you well for a lifetime of exploration and help you on your path to getting a life worth living!

Here is an endorsement from a non-major who took one of our department courses and found it had a great impact on him:

If you are not majoring in philosophy or religion, you'll need to fulfill the general education requirements for your undergraduate degree by taking at least one philosophy course and one religion course from the selection below.

Religion courses

  • First-Year Seminar: Religion
  • Old Testament Life & Literature
  • Christian Theology
  • History of Christianity II: 1500-Present
  • Christian Ethics
  • Christianity
  • New Testament Life & Literature
  • History of Christianity I: 30-1500
  • World Religions

Philosophy & ethics courses

  • First-Year Seminar: Philosophy/Ethics
  • Artistic Works, Value & Criticism
  • Critical Thinking
  • Ethics
  • Aesthetics
  • Social & Political Philosophy
  • Issues in Philosophy 
  • Social & Political Contexts of Education
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Honors Philosophy
  • Philosophy, Science & Values
  • Issues in Applied Philosophy
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion