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Philosophy & Religion Faculty

Each semester, the faculty in UIndy’s Philosophy & Religion Department lead an intellectual journey into the deepest questions of the human experience,helping countless students realize more about their life and purpose than they had previously imagined. Among the faculty members, all are published authors and have undertaken extensive research in various topics—from applied ethics to the origins of Christianity. 

Dr. Michael Cartwright, Dean of Ecumenical & Interfaith Programs

Dr. Michael Cartwright

Vice President for University Mission and Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion

Sease Wing, 204

Dr. Greg Clapper, Professor of Philosophy & Religion

Dr. Greg Clapper

Professor of Philosophy & Religion
Philosophy & Religion Department

Esch Hall, 044H

Areas of Expertise
Wesley studies; Christian theology and spirituality; philosophy of religion; ethics

Has seen five of his books published, including: The Renewal of the Heart is the Mission of the Church: Wesley's Heart Religion in the 21st Century (Eugene: Cascade Books, 2010), Living Your Heart's Desire: God's Call and Our Vocation (Nashville: Upper Room Books, 2005), When the World Breaks Your Heart: Spiritual Ways of Living With Tragedy (Nashville: Upper Room Books, 1999), As If the Heart Mattered: A Wesleyan Spirituality (Nashville: Upper Room Books, 1997), and John Wesley on Religious Affections: His Views on Experience and Emotion and Their Role in the Christian Life and Theology (Metuchen: Scarecrow Press, 1989).

Research Interests
the theology of John Wesley; the nature of emotion and how it has been understood, and misunderstood, in the Christian tradition; the nature of Christian spiritual formation

PhD, Division of Religion, Department of Theological Studies
, Emory University
MDiv, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

MA, Department of Philosophy
, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
AB, Philosophy and Psychology, Carthage College

Fun facts
I served 24 years as a chaplain in the Air National Guard, retiring as a full colonel.

Favorite thing about UIndy
Teaching students from a variety of majors in the general education core, showing them the power and joy of the Christian way of life!

View Dr. Clapper's full CV.

Kevin Corn, instructor, Philosophy and Religion Department

Kevin Corn

Instructor of Philosophy & Religion
Philosophy & Religion Department

Esch Hall, 044J

Dr. Jonathan Evans, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Jonathan Evans

Chair & Associate Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy & Religion Department

Esch Hall, 044E

Areas of Expertise
ancient and medieval philosophy, ethics

Has been published on diverse philosophical topics in the journals American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Carmina Philosophiae and Sport and Society. His current research is focused on Boethius’ views on necessity, happiness and freedom in the Consolation of Philosophy.

Research Interests
Boethius; modal concepts in late ancient and early medieval philosophy; the problem of future contingents; what makes human lives significant; ethics in sport; aesthetic value in contemporary music

PhD, Philosophy, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
MA, Philosophy, Northern Illinois University
BA, Philosophy, Huntington College

Fun facts
I began my undergraduate studies in a conservatory of music and would have laughed at the suggestion that I would one day be a philosopher.

Favorite thing about UIndy
The plentiful opportunities to interact and work with quality students, faculty and staff.

Dr. Perry Kea, Chair of Philosophy & Religion Department

Dr. Perry Kea

Associate Professor of Religion
Philosophy & Religion Department

Esch Hall, 044G

Areas of Expertise
New Testament and Christian origins

Has been at the University since 1983. Fellow of the Westar Institute/Jesus Seminar since 1987. Contributor to The Five Gospels: the Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus, The Acts of Jesus: What Did Jesus Really Do? and The Acts of the Apostles (forthcoming). He is on the editorial board of The Fourth R, the popular journal of the Westar Institute.

Research Interests
the historical Jesus; The Acts of Paul and Thecla; history of early Christianity

PhD, New Testament & Christian Origins, University of Virginia
MA, Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University
BA, Religious Studies, University of South Carolina

Fun facts
I play pick-up basketball twice a week.

Favorite thing about UIndy
Being in the classroom.

Dr. Alida Liberman

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy & Religion Department

Esch Hall, 044W

Areas of Expertise
Ethics, applied ethics (especially bioethics), practical reasoning

I have presented my research at a wide range of professional academic conferences, and have received two major conference prizes for early career faculty (at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress and the 2016 Canadian Philosophical Association meeting.) I have published papers in journals such as the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy and Social Theory and Practice. As a graduate student, I won a university-wide teaching award, and I’ve received formal training in best pedagogical practices from the American Association of Philosophy Teachers.

Research Interests
My research is about ethics at all levels of generality -- including meta-ethics and practical reasoning, normative ethics, and applied ethics (especially bioethics) -- as well as feminist philosophy. My dissertation defended a new theory of promissory obligation and of the relationship between promises and resolutions. I am particularly interested in how our attitudes and commitments affect what it makes sense for us to do. I'm also interested in philosophical pedagogy, and how to make philosophy classrooms more inclusive. You can find out more about my current research projects at my website:

PhD, University of Southern California
BA, The College of New Jersey

Fun facts
I’m a big theater fan, and I loved acting in plays and doing improv comedy as an undergrad. More recently, I was the lead role in a play while I was a postdoc at the University of Western Ontario.

Favorite thing about UIndy
I love introducing UIndy students from across the university to new ideas, and helping them to think about ethics in their daily lives.

Peter Murphy, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Peter Murphy

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Beverley J. Pitts Distinguished Honors Professor
Philosophy & Religion Department

Esch Hall, 044F

Areas of Expertise
epistemology and applied ethics

Has published papers in many philosophy journals, including Synthese, Erkenntnis, Dialetica, Journal of Philosophical Research, International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, Philosophia and Dialogue. Currently working on a series of papers on skepticism.

Research Interests
skepticism; the relationship between inference and justified belief; the ethics of the current organ shortage; the ethics of abortion; teaching philosophy

PhD, Philosophy, University of Nebraska
BA, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Fun fact
I own more than 1,000 vinyl records.

Favorite thing about UIndy
Working with philosophy majors and minors.

Affiliated Faculty

Jeremiah Gibbs, Chaplain/Director, Ecumenical & Interfaith Programs

Jeremiah Gibbs

Chaplain/Director, Lantz Center for Christian Vocations & Formation
Ecumenical & Interfaith Programs
Philosophy & Religion Department

Schwitzer Student Center, 203C

Faculty Emeritus

Herb Cassel, professor emeritus, Philosophy & Religion Department

Dr. Herb Cassel

Professor Emeritus
Philosophy & Religion Department