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Department of Philosophy & Religion Undergraduate Programs

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Philosophy & Religion Career Opportunities

Graduates from UIndy's Philosophy & Religion Department have had successful careers in fields from the expected (like ministry or education) to others that may surprise you (like law, social work, public administration and business). The skills you can gain with a major in philosophy or religion translate well to many jobs and experiences and can prepare you to seek out your own vocation in a variety of settings.


Philosophy majors are some of the most successful college graduates when it comes to graduate school entrance exams and lifetime career earnings. If you're planning to continue your education past undergrad, a philosophy degree can set you up for great scores on the GRE and the LSAT and equip you with powerful skills for any career, including:

  • The ability to analyze problems from multiple perspectives
  • The ability to think logically and solve complex problems
  • The ability to listen closely and comprehend what others have to say
  • The ability to write and speak clearly and cogently

Potential careers with a philosophy degree

  • Law
  • Graduate psychology
  • Social work
  • Public administration
  • Medical fields
  • Service-oriented fields
  • Business


With a degree in religion from UIndy, you'll gain insight both into the greater faith traditions of the church and also into your own calling in life. Our graduates enter graduate school or the workforce with a clear sense of personal values and unparalleled skills for critical thinking, research, debate and communications, such as:

  • The ability to think critically and ask important questions
  • The ability to perform thorough research and complete a close reading and analysis of texts
  • The ability to carry on civil debate on social or controversial topics
  • The ability to present your own ideas compellingly, both orally and in writing

Potential careers with a religion degree

  • Ministry
  • Music performance
  • Writing
  • Business
  • Medical fields
  • Service-oriented fields