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Music Career Opportunities

Students in the Department of Music are equipped to begin careers in a host of areas, depending on what they want to do—whether that be perform, teach, manage, or organize music events. Because of UIndy’s small student-faculty ratio, students are able to direct their education towards the career they want to pursue.

Students have gone on to find work:

  • In symphonies and orchestras across the country
  • Playing or singing for local music groups
  • Teaching in high schools and colleges
  • Working on the jazz circuit, playing multiple times a week
  • Pursuing graduate studies

This previous list focuses, primarily, on playing and/or singing, but with concentrations like Music Business and Music Technology & Recording, students have unending opportunities to work in environments where they can find a career without acting as a performer:

  • They work in studios recording and mastering albums
  • They organize and promote music events in their community
  • They work at local churches to organize and complete music projects
  • They compose and publish pieces of music that go on to be performed by others

What you choose to do with your music degree is up to you; UIndy has the capability to offer you close, specified attention—from faculty to ensembles—to foster the goals you have as a musician.