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Department of Biology Master of Science in Human Biology

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Biology Assistantships & Funding

First-year students

No assistantships are offered for first-year graduate students. However, our students often find on-campus part-time jobs in the biology laboratories and other campus facilities.

Second-year students

There are three second-year assistantships offered to graduate students:

  • Managing the Archeology & Forensics Laboratory
  • Managing the Gross Anatomy Laboratory
  • Genetics graduate assistant
“Last year, I had the Gross Anatomy Lab assistantship and was able to TA for the Physical Therapy Gross Anatomy course. This year, I have an assistantship through the Molecular Anthropology Lab and will help Dr. Latham with forensic cases regarding DNA analysis as well as work on genetic projects happening in the lab. I'll also help with a very exciting class in the spring called Forensic & Historic DNA Analysis in which students learn how to analyze DNA in forensic scenarios and ultimately design and conduct a project worthy of presentation at national conferences.”
Ryan Strand
Genetics graduate assistant