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Modern Languages

More than just linguistics

The Modern Languages Department at UIndy offers you the opportunity to study one of three different languages: FrenchGerman or Spanish. During your course of study, you'll not only learn how to read and write that language, but you will also be exposed to the cultures that speak the language, and the philosophies and business practices associated with those regions around the world. 

Practical language experiences

Once you graduate, most employers are going to be looking for practical skills and translatable experiences on your résumé. Our faculty are here to help connect you with experiences that fit your goals, whether it's taking a course on translation, finding an internship in community outreach with a local organization, or participating in an international experience abroad. Practical experiences are not just about earning credit. Rather, they are about learning skills that are going to be applicable to your life and your career.

Study abroad and cultural immersion

Whether you are most interested in student organizations, trips abroad, or knowledgeable faculty that can teach you about culture, literature, and philosophy, the Modern Languages Department has plenty to offer. At UIndy, you'll learn more than just how to read and write in a different language, you'll have the opportunity to expand your understanding of foreign cultures, experience languages firsthand, and gain practical experience that will be applicable to your life after graduation.

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Shaping your future

Studying abroad or taking a language minor may seem, well, minor to your overall education, but these decisions often pay off in a multitude of ways for students. Learn how these experiences helped prepare UIndy graduate Ariana Gainer for her role as development assistant for Christel House International, a non-profit organization helping to fight poverty around the world. Read more ►

Get involved

Organizations and activities allow you to brush up your language skills, make friends and participate in service-learning functions. Learn more ►