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Master of Arts Social Practice Art

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Graduate Assistantships

University of Indianapolis will offer three assistantships for Fall 2017 for students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Social Practice Art program. The assistantships will count for three credit hours per semester over two semesters, for a total of six credit hours. Graduate assistants will receive tuition coverage in the amount of $1,800 per semester, for a total of $3,600. 

Graduate assistant responsibilities

An agreement between the graduate assistant and the program chair/department chair will outline expectations for the graduate assistantship. Each assistantship will be designed to focus on areas of interest to the student that also supports the program outcomes. 

Responsibilities may include:

  • Writing 3-5 blog posts per semester on a topic of the student's choosing (i.e. classwork, wekeend projects)
  • Representing UIndy at events (i.e. art shows, farmer's markets, festivals, conferences)
  • Serving as Neighborhood Fellow, working within specific neighborhoods and communities to support an area of interest or need (i.e. transportation, food, health, environment, children, etc.) 

Eligibility criteria

Students must maintain good academic standing to be eligible to receive the graduate assistantship. 

How to apply

Students must indicate their interest in an assistantship in their personal statement portion of the essay on their application for admission. 

Application review process

Applications to the Social Practice Art program, including assistantships, are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Assistantships will be offered with admission to the program, and will be considered based on financial need and applicant qualifications. 


For more information or questions, please contact: 

Kevin McKelvey
Associate Professor of English
Ben Houston
Enrollment Counselor, Graduate & School for Adult Learning Enrollment