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Master of Arts International Relations

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Graduate Accomplishments 

Our students have gone on to achieve an incredible amount of success in an array of industries, from leading nonprofits to government agencies. We're proud to share their accomplishments to show just how far you can go with a degree in international relations. 

Kelly Campbell (2006)

Co-Founder of Village Experience 

Julia Whitehead (2009) 

Founder and CEO of Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis 

Cole Varga (2010) 

Executive Director at Exodus Refugee and Adjunct Instructor of Inernational Relations at UIndy 

“Beyond international knowledge, I think the writing and research at UIndy really prepared me for the development work and communications we do daily. A strong work ethic would be another thing I learned from the international relations program.”
Cole Varga

Elizabeth Bartolomucci-Hughes (2012) 

Women's Protection and Empowerment Manager at International Rescue Committee

William Fife

Directing Attorney at Micronesian Legal Services Corporation, Marhall Islands area 

Erin Kobiela 

Ethics Specialist at USDA Office of Ethics, Washington D.C. Metro area 

Steve V. Lainez 

Employee Relations Director at Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Greater Philadelphia area 

Wesley G. Cate (2011) 

Co-Founder of Collaborosity and Adjunct Instructor of International Relations at UIndy 

“The connections I made at UIndy, both with my professors as classmates, are what allowed me to learn best. That is the medium that carried the knowledge I gained and made my expereince stick. Those relationships have continued to this day—they are friendships now.”
Wesley Cate

Joshua Klatte Coner

Associate Director, Product Engineering at Adayana Industry (ABG), Indianapolis 

James Pavlik

Program and Policy Analyst at University of Colorado Behavioral Health and Wellness Program, Denver 

Amber Collazo 

Administrative Assistant at The Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington D.C. Metro area 

Zain Irfan 

Senior Operations Representative at Merrill Lynch, New York City 

Lindsay Pinnick

Forecast Demand Consultant at Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis 

Alican Alacli 

Sales and Marketing Manager at Engineered Construction Group, Indianapolis 

Michael D. Sinanis 

Process Development Manager at Purdue University, Lafayette

Derek Freds

Employee at General Motors 

Heather Grimstad

Attorney at Law, Indianapolis