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Department of English Master of Arts in English

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Thesis Option

Do you enjoy writing creatively and want to further your career? Is there a genre or literary topic that just really fascinates you? If you love exploring the English language, researching and writing your opinions about literature, or have a desire to earn your doctorate in literature, then the Thesis Option might be the best track for you. 

Creative thesis

The creative thesis allows you to write a short novel, chapters of a novel, a short story collection, or a collection of poems. You will have the chance to take a variety of graduate-level literature courses and attend writing workshops designed to help you hone your craft. Along with 30 hours of coursework, you will be required to take 6 hours of thesis classes in which you will discuss and work on your thesis with an advisor and fellow students.

Literary thesis

The literary thesis provides an opportunity for you to delve into a topic of your choice. Working with a faculty advisor, you will write a multi-chapter thesis on your own research interests. Past thesis topics have included the representation of death in YA literature, labor in the 19th century British novel and Irish women writers. You will take 30 hours of coursework along with 6 hours of thesis classes.