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Master of Arts Studio Art

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Take your art education to the next level

UIndy's MA in Studio Art degree prepares you for a teaching license, to work full-time as an artist, or to further develop your craft and portfolio for later advancement in an MFA program. The main privilege and opportunity of the MA in Studio Art degree is the time you are allotted to continue developing your craft and identity as an artist in an area of specialization, such as ceramics, drawing or painting.

Workshop experience through peer critique

At the end of each semester, MA students gather with faculty to conduct a peer review of the projects they’ve focused on, their development, and what each artist should change or improve in the upcoming semester. We value this type of peer review at UIndy because it allows you to receive truthful dialogue about the techniques you've used and how those techniques can be further developed. This is a crucial step on the path to becoming an artist, as you learn the necessary skills to receive critique and apply it to your work.