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Master of Arts Applied Sociology

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Applied Sociology Research Opportunities

At UIndy, you'll have many opportunities to participate in in-depth research studies. Our sociology faculty has a long tradition of collaborating with graduate students on research projects. In most cases, our research is done as service to our community. It is applied, real world research that involves students in:

•    Reviewing relevant literature
•    Designing studies
•    Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data
•    Writing papers, reports and manuscripts
•    Presenting at professional meetings and community groups 

“I have been privileged to serve as the graduate assistant for the Social Sciences Department. While serving in this position, I have been able to research other colleges and universities in an effort to learn more about the community development programs. I have also attended alumni discussion panels, proctored courses in the absence of professors, and worked closely with community courts to improve neighborhoods. These experiences have helped me advance my skills in investigation, data analysis, leadership and assertiveness.”
Patrick Fitzgerald Moore

Applied research & evaluation concentration

We offer a concentration in applied research & evaluation that provides students with the opportunity to further develop their quantitative and qualitative research skills and apply that knowledge through individual research projects supervised by faculty, or team projects in collaboration with faculty. Some research projects are integrated into coursework, giving students direct experience in the strategies and concepts they are studying. In recent years, we have:

•    conducted research with 53 students (20 undergraduate and 33 graduate students)
•    involved 9 students in multiple projects
•    provided 14 students with opportunities to conduct research with two professors

Community Research Center & graduate assistantship

The Community Research Center provides sociology students with many opportunities for real-world research. In addition to conducting research, the CRC has secured both internal and external grants to pay stipends to student research assistants and provide travel to national conferences.

The CRC also offers two graduate assistantships to Applied Sociology graduate students. The students receive a small stipend and have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with sociology faculty.

Examples of student research

The following is a sampling of the faculty-student collaborations and various products of that work over the past several years.

  • Survey of southeast Indianapolis school parent/community liaisons, conducted for the Southeast Education Task Force
  • Qualitative definitions of social class
  • Section about Indianapolis in the Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America
  • Assessing outcomes for the Wee Ones Nursery at the Indiana Women's Prison
  • Availability of primary health care for low-income residents in Indianapolis
  • Copper theft in the media
  • University of Indianapolis alumni survey
  • Gender and social class distinctions in views of dating, cohabitation and marriage
  • Car theft recovery rate
  • Urban rebuilding and the Wheeler Arts Center
  • Survey of Southeast Indianapolis School Parent/Community Liaisons
  • Vendors experiences of connectedness at a winter farmers' market
  • Re-use study of large urban industrial site
  • Assessing community progress on the Blueprint to End Homelessness
  • Strategies for improving neighborhood quality of life by transforming landlord-tenant relations
  • Evaluation of "supportive services" in a public housing re-building process (HOPE VI)
  • The challenges of implementing sustainable food production and consumption
  • Evaluation of Marion County "Community Court"
  • Appraisal fraud and risky mortgage practices