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Gender Studies Minor

Gender Studies is the multidisciplinary study of how assumptions and expectations about gender and biological sex influence cultural, social, and political ideas about women and men. Through this minor, you'll learn how masculinity and femininity are socially and historically constructed in ways that impact every facet of society. This minor prepares you to understand the implications of, critique, better navigate, and help change gendered institutions and societies.

Who should minor in gender studies?

The Gender Studies minor is open to all students and, due to its multidisciplinary nature, is suitable for students with a wide variety of majors, including health sciences, business, education, social and natural sciences, humanities and the arts. Learning the implications of gender assumptions and expectations, and how to overcome them, can benefit you in many work settings, including business and management, social work, law, non-for-profit agencies, education, and healthcare.


Because Gender Studies is a multidisciplinary program, courses are taught by faculty from a variety of fields, including sociology, English, kinesiology, psychology, anthropology, communication and art.


The Gender Studies minor is 18 credit hours. One course is required (SOC/CRIM 250), and you can fulfill the remaining credit-hour requirements through a wide variety of courses. Up to two of the courses can also count towards your major, but at least 12 credit hours must be from courses beyond those that are applied to your major. All courses listed are three credit hours each.

Required Course

SOC/CRIM 250 – Gender Issues in Law and Society


SOC 200 – The Family: A Global Perspective

ENGL 210 – Introduction of literary Criticism and Theory (Prerequisite: ENGL-101)

SCI 230 – Gender and Ethnicity in Mathematics and Science

KINS 266 – Sexuality and Human Health

SOCS 300 – Service Learning in the Social Sciences (Focus on Sex, Gender, or Sexual Orientation Required. Permission of the program coordinator required.)

PSY 330 – Psychology of Gender

ENGL 342 – Women Writers (Prerequisites: ENGL-101; ENGL 102 strongly recommended)

ART 389 – Women in Art

ANTH 408 – Archaeology of Gender (Prerequisite: ANTH-100 or Soc/Crim 250)

ANTH 420 – The Encultured Body (Prerequisite: ANTH-100 or Soc/Crim 250)

COMM 431 – Gender and Communication         

Other appropriate electives may be included if they have a significant focus on sex/gender. Consent of the program coordinator required.

More information

For more information about the Gender Studies minor, contact:

Dr. Amanda Miller
Gender Studies Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences