Department of

History & Political Science

Developing civically engaged leaders

The world is rapidly changing through politics, social issues and technology. That's why at UIndy, studying history and political science is more than just learning about the past. You'll develop a broad understanding of where we have come from so you can understand today’s world and the world of tomorrow. No matter your major, you will be exposed to a variety of courses in history, politics, economics, policy and international relations. 

Graduates who make a difference

Our graduates go on to work in politics, become teachers, complete graduate programs and work for non-profit organizations. Because we provide our students with an in-depth understanding of the human experience, you will leave UIndy prepared for a multitude of career fields. We encourage and provide settings for you to develop research knowledge, create thoughtful, engaging opinions about the world, and carve your future as a conscientious citizen. 

Richard G. Lugar Connection

Former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar is a distinguished professor in UIndy's History and Political Science Department, delivering lectures each year. In addition, the Lugar Academy oversees the Washington Semester program. Made possible through UIndy's long-standing relationship with Lugar, accepted students learn from national and international experts and are placed in high-profile internships.

A capital idea

Rebekah Proctor was one of 10 UIndy students in 2013 to fulfill a full-time, choice internship in Washington D.C. while studying political communication, leadership and government with Georgetown Professor Sam Potolicchio and former Senator Richard Lugar. Read more ►

UIndy partnership brings internships

UIndy's partnership with HistoryIT, a technology firm near campus, benefits students through a paid internship program and access to the newly digitized Mayoral Archives. Learn more ►