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Department of History & Political Science

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History & Political Science Student Organizations

Want the entire college experience? Focus on meeting new people, participating in extracurricular activities, and joining student organizations. The History and Political Science Department aims to provide you with opportunities to discuss your opinions and important issues with others, as well as make an impact on the campus and surrounding community. These activities and student organizations are a chance for you to learn more about yourself and others. 

Janus Club

The Janis Club is a great opportunity for students interested in history, political science and international relations to come together and discuss current issues. While the club focuses primarily on issues facing the present and future, it also draws a foundation from the past. The club dissects their topics in two lights: one looking back at the history of issues and conflicts, the other looking forward at possible resolutions to the current issues and problems society faces.


The Pre-Law student organization is designed to help students who are preparing to enter law school. Activities include traveling to Chicago for a law school convention in which students can meet admissions officers from various schools. The group also helps students prepare for interviews, draft statements of interest and complete the application process.