Master of Arts

International Relations & History

Select programs, tailored curriculum

UIndy offers Indiana's only master's of international relations program as well as a graduate program in history. Depending on which degree you are pursuing, you will advance your knowledge in historically significant events, government, international conflicts and resolutions, policies and theories. Both degree programs have tailored track options to help you reach your career and educational goals. And since we know that many of our students work full time, master's program classes are offered in the evening, with a blend of traditional and online instruction.

Real-world experiences

Indianapolis is the seat of both state and county governments, providing you with abundant opportunities for internships, volunteering and employment. UIndy also offers a variety of study abroad opportunities, and professors in the History and Political Science Department are more than happy to help you get connected. In fact, real-world experiences are encouraged and, for some students, depending on their post-graduation plans, extremely important. 

Learn more about finding internships ► 

Furthering global consciousness

No matter your reasons for choosing to attend a graduate program, you will leave UIndy having further developed and expanded your global consciousness. Both our history and international relations master’s programs allow students to explore what it means to be part of the human experience in today’s rapidly changing world. We believe that with a foundation of knowing what has happened in the past, we can accurately assess and judge the present, and enter the future as better citizens. 

Making connections

Sarah McMains used her graduate education to make an impact. In Indy, she helped Sagamore Institute launch a database to improve aid efforts for Sub-Saharan Africa. Read more about the Indiana-Africa Connections Project ►

Sarah also studied abroad at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, calling it “the most rewarding experience” of her life.

"...By the time my visa expired and it was time to go, I was not mentally ready to separate myself from the culture that I fell so in love with. It was an experience that will have a lasting impact on my life and will serve as a strong influence towards future endeavors."