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Internship & Career Opportunities

No matter what career field you want to go into or what subject area you are studying while in college, having at least one internship experience is becoming increasingly important. In the Global Languages Department, we encourage our students to seek out internship opportunities, and faculty are very supportive of our students in their internship endeavors. 

Whether you are considering using your language skills for government work, translation work, or international business, having at least one internship will provide you with practical experience. Having an internship will build your résumé, and hone invaluable professional skills such as communication, teamwork, self-motivation and time-management. 

Language practice

We recommend finding internships that allow you to practice your foreign language skills. We also encourage you to consider immersion trips and international internship opportunities that can provide in-depth cultural experiences and improve your language proficiency.

Where do language students intern?

Language majors have interned for both large corporations and smaller organizations that provide service and outreach opportunities. Our students have interned for such businesses as:

  • Eli Lilly
  • Dow Agra-Science
  • Roche
  • Siemens

Ariana: Christel House International

A Spanish minor might seem like an unlikely fit for a journalism and public relations major, but 2014 UIndy graduate Ariana Gainer would say otherwise. Ariana uses her Spanish-speaking skills and knowledge of Spanish culture frequently as development assistant for Christel House International. Christel House is a non-profit organization in Indianapolis working to change the lives of impoverished children around the world by providing educational programs, health care and nutrition, and much more.

“My knowledge of Spanish and familiarity with Latin American culture has definitely impacted my role at Christel House, especially because we have a learning center in Mexico,” she said. “So far, I've had the opportunity to interact with the leadership at our school in Mexico. Although they speak fairly good English, they love the opportunity to speak with me in their native tongue since I'm the only one at our global headquarters who speaks Spanish.”  

Ariana grew up with Spanish-speaking parents, but it was her study abroad semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that really helped her master the language and the culture. While she was abroad, she completed her honors project concerning the effect of fashion on Argentine women in politics. She interviewed 100 Argentine, Chilean and Brazilian people to collect data for her study.

“In interacting with these people, I was able to remove cultural blinders from my eyes and disregard my American mindset in order to experience the country as a true learner,” Ariana said. “Living with a host family gave me a greater understanding of the culture as a whole. Studying abroad infinitely broadened my worldview and cultivated my cultural competency. The classes taught me so much about the education system in Argentina, collegiate culture, Latin American history, literature and cinema. But outside of the classroom when I interacted with people on the street or at museums or restaurants or grocery stores, was when I believe I truly experienced Argentina.”