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Literary Studies Major

The literary studies major was designed to provide students with a comprehensive look at English literature, drama, poetry and composition. The degree does not focus on one style or genre in particular, but rather gives students exposure to a broad variety of authors, styles and time periods. If you are interested in historically important literature, classes like 'Postcolonial Literature' will really pique your interest. However, if you are interested in how a genre has developed over time, then a class like 'Short Stories' might offer you a great view of an entire genre. The best part about the literary studies major is that you can study an extremely wide range of literature and find your own passion in the process. Students can also choose a literary studies minor.

Program strengths

  • Wide variety of course topics
  • Courses that focus on diversity and a broad range of voices
  • Travel courses that let you explore the realms of your favorite authors
  • Professors who work with you to create independent studies tailored to your interests
  • Some courses are cross-listed with the graduate program, so you can interact with students of various experience levels

Potential careers with a literary studies degree:

Since the literary studies major prepares students for jobs that involve critical thinking and research, the job market is fairly open. Here are some things that recent graduates have done after attending UIndy:

  • Graduate programs in English: Whether it is for creative writing or furthering your literary pursuits, you'll be well prepared to enter competitive graduate programs around the country.
  • Graduate degrees in other fields: Strong writing, critical thinking and argumentation skills learned in the English major are excellent preparation for any kind of advanced degree.
  • Teaching abroad: Your knowledge of literature and the English language can be used to help teach English in a foreign country.

Literary studies might be for you if:

  • You enjoy expressing yourself and your views through writing
  • You enjoy reading and discovering new works of literature
  • You want to discuss literature in small and semi-large group settings
  • You enjoy researching about authors, literature or historical time periods
  • You want to learn how to think critically 

Literary studies minor

Pairing a literary studies minor with another degree can help you build interpretive thinking and analysis skills, develop your writing style, and explore how literature plays a role in culture and our everyday lives. Completion of this minor requires a minimum of 21 hours in core requirements and electives.

Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides outline the different classes you will need to take as a literary studies major. The general education guide provides a list of all the classes you need in order to fulfill UIndy’s general education requirements. The literary studies guide outlines and lists all of the classes you will need to take in order to fulfill the major’s requirements. Be sure to take a look at both guides in order to get a complete picture of what your classes will look like at UIndy.