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Criminal Justice Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At UIndy, you'll have many opportunities to participate in in-depth research studies. Our criminal justice faculty have a long tradition of collaborating with both graduate and undergraduate students on research projects. In most cases, our research is done as service to our community. It is applied, real world research that involves students in:

•    Reviewing relevant literature
•    Designing studies
•    Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data
•    Writing papers, reports and manuscripts
•    Presenting at professional meetings and community groups 

Examples of student research

The following is a sampling of the faculty-student collaborations and various products of that work over the past several years.

  • Entry on Indianapolis in the Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America
  • Assessing outcomes for the Wee Ones Nursery at the Indiana Women's Prison
  • Copper theft in the media
  • Catalytic converter theft
  • University of Indianapolis alumni survey
  • Assessing community progress on the Blueprint to End Homelessness
  • Appraisal fraud and risky mortgage practices