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Chemistry Scholarships & Awards


The Chemistry Department at UIndy offers several scholarships. Interested students can apply online as indicated or request application information from the Office of Admissions.

Herbert G. Bohn Scholarships

The department may award up to four scholarships to new students who are majoring in chemistry or a field related to chemistry. The department also chooses a sophomore chemistry student to receive this scholarship based on an outstanding performance in chemistry. Learn more and apply online ►

Louis B. Astbury Endowed Scholarship

While this scholarship is open to any new student majoring in chemistry, the department gives preference to students who are interested in environmental chemistry.

Robert M. Brooker Scholarship

The department gives one scholarship to any entering student studying chemistry, but gives preference to students interested in chemistry education.


Every year the department recognizes the achievements of our outstanding chemistry students.

General Chemistry Awards

Given to students who exhibit outstanding abilities in general chemistry.

Bethlehem Steel Award

This award is given to the most outstanding student in general chemistry.

Claude Brooker Organic Chemistry Award

Named after the late father of former department chair and professor Robert M. Brooker, this award is given to an outstanding student in organic chemistry.

Wayne Patrick Comer Award

Named after a former student who passed away before entering medical school, this award is presented to an outstanding junior chemistry student.

Robert M. Brooker Award

This award is given to an outstanding junior who is majoring in natural sciences or mathematics.