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Chemistry Internship & Career Opportunities

Where do UIndy students intern?

Chemistry students have gained valuable applied experiences by interning at both local and national sites, with participation in NSF REUs and research at organizations including:

Dow AgroSciences
Roche Diagnostics
AIT Laboratories
Eli Lilly
IU School of Medicine
Johnson & Johnson 

One of the many advantages a recent graduate can have over other job candidates is practical experience in their respective fields. No matter what type of chemistry you are interested in, an internship combined with a focused and flexible course of study at UIndy can help prepare you for the future.

Local connections

The Chemistry Department at UIndy provides students with hands-on training with lab equipment, but we also encourage students to seek experiences that take place outside of the classroom. We have a network of corporations, labs, and alumni that students have worked with in the past and will continue to work with in the future.

Practical experience

Your chemistry courses at UIndy will prepare you by giving you a solid foundation in chemistry. When this foundation is coupled with focused classroom work and focused practical experience, students are further prepared for the real world. Internships also push students to apply what they have learned in the classroom, and allow them to build a professional network, problem-solve, and obtain experience in their chosen field.