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Chemistry Major

The chemistry major at UIndy is about more than learning how to balance equations and memorizing the periodic table. Our faculty will help you learn to see the world as a place full of chemistry – from the reactions in the environment, to the digestion of food to pharmaceutical manufacturing. You'll also develop an understanding of the ethical implications of chemistry in everyday life and in societal development, and learn the process of scientific investigation and interpretation of findings. Advanced courses are offered through four chemistry concentrations, giving you a foundation for a variety of focused career paths, including research, science teaching and medicine. Students can also choose a chemistry minor

Program strengths

  • Personalized attention and small classes
  • Concentrations that allow flexibility, diversity, and interdisciplinary studies
  • Hands-on learning with equipment
  • Focus on interaction with peers, colleagues, and professors
  • Learning how chemistry impacts the world around you
“When I started as a freshman at UIndy, I knew I loved science and medicine. My chemistry and biology professors nurtured and shaped those passions in me over four years. The summer internships and extracurricular opportunities I had at UIndy also opened my eyes to career opportunities in pharmacy, and now I'm getting ready to start my career as a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry.”
Allison Held

Chemistry majors have interned or worked for:

  • Indiana Department of Health
  • Eli Lilly
  • Department of Energy
  • Dow AgroSciences
  • IU School of Medicine
  • Clarian Health
  • Methodist Hospital
  • Los Alamos

Potential careers for chemistry majors

Since UIndy offers students several different concentrations and pre-professional programs in the chemistry department, our students have access to a wide range of courses that prepare them for many different career paths. With a focus on a solid chemistry foundation and specialized courses, students can go on to a number of different careers in fields such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Some students choose to work with pharmaceutical companies, researching and developing pharmaceutical products. Others go on to become pharmacists who dispense medicine and monitor what medications patients receive. 
  • Physical therapy: We offer students the opportunity to study chemistry as a pre-physical therapy program, which will provide you with the foundation needed to become a physical therapist.
  • Graduate school: Many of our students go on to complete their graduate degrees in a variety of fields.
  • Medicine: If you are interested in becoming a doctor, then a chemistry degree through our medicine pre-professional program will give you the foundation you need for medical school and becoming a doctor.
“I had opportunities to do undergraduate research and be a teaching assistant for the Chemistry Department, both of which helped me get accepted into graduate school and prepared me for the biggest expectations of a research graduate student at a large university. The undergraduate research also allowed me to go to conferences and present while still in college.”
Taylor Owings

Chemistry might be for you if:

  • You enjoy critical thinking and problem solving
  • You like hands-on learning and exploring how things are made
  • You enjoy math and science
  • You are curious about how the world works
  • You want to learn about the environment and public health
  • You have a desire to teach

Chemistry minor

A chemistry minor is a great choice for students looking for a less in-depth study of chemistry or a complement to other physical and health sciences degrees. Completion of this minor requires a minimum of 20 hours in core requirements and electives. 

Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides outline the different classes you will need to take as a chemistry major. The general education guide provides a list of all the classes you need in order to fulfill UIndy’s general education requirements. The chemistry guide lists all of the classes you will need to take in order to fulfill the major’s requirements. Be sure to take a look at both guides in order to get a complete picture of what your classes will look like at UIndy.