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Building a scientific foundation

Along with offering three distinct majors, UIndy's Biology Department prepares you to enter advanced biological and medical fields by developing a foundation in scientific methods, questioning and research. Principles of cellular, molecular and environmental biology lead you to further concepts in forensic and medical fields and careers. Upon graduation, you'll leave with the critical thinking skills and experience necessary to succeed as a scientist. 

Field research and traveling

Along with the intensive learning in labs and courses at UIndy, you can expect to participate in field research that often involves traveling in the local community and/or internationally—places such as the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Chile. Research from the undergraduate Biology Department has been presented at the Indiana Academy of ScienceAmerican Academy of Forensic Sciences, and at other national meetings.

Producing medical professionals

Many of UIndy’s biology graduates go on to receive further education in medical fields such as occupational therapy and physical therapy. If this is your anticipated journey, our highly-qualified professors will help guide you to be prepared for this transition. Small class sizes and individual attention produce a high graduation rate of empowered students like you. Learn more about pre-professional programs ►

Get an early start on research

Think it's impossible to do medical research as an undergraduate? Not at UIndy. With small class sizes, personal instruction and accessible professors, UIndy is the perfect place to make your research interests known. Last year, science standouts Tess, Kristen and Emily began cancer research, trying to figure out how to prevent cancer cells from becoming resistant to drugs and treatments. At the same time, biology major Helen conducted brain research, focusing on the physiology behind mental illness.

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